Saturday, 23 July 2011

IsaDora Forest Groove Fall 2011

В августе обещают запустить в продажу осеннюю коллекцию IsaDora Forest Groove. Я, как давний поклонник их лаков, не могла пройти мимо промофото с ними. По фото, как обычно, практически невозможно объективно судить о продукте в реале. Bronze Patina и Forest на картинке подозрительно напоминают осень Chanel. Будем считать, что это у них нечаянно получилось. :) 



Den kommande höstkollektionen från IsaDora innehåller bl a nagellack i tre nya nyanser. Två av dem, nämligen Bronze Patina och Forest, för mina tankar till Chanels höstkollektion 2011. Av bilden att döma är IsaDoralacken ganska nära släktingar med Chanels. Jag är en trogen beundrare av IsaDoras nagellack sen länge, så att jag absolut tänker ta en närmare titt på dem när de anländer i butikerna. 


  1. OH. MY. GOD. I can't wait to find these beauties in my drugstore *____*

  2. If I am not mistaken they are scheduled to be released in August which means pretty soon!

  3. Where I usually buy IsaDora they do 3x2 always, sooooo, yay! *__*

  4. Even for new releases? Impressing generosity. :) I have never seen 3 for 2 offers for IsaDora here in Sweden.

  5. Yes, even for new items! ^_^
    But the price in Italy is VERY high, a 5 ml of IsaDoras costs 13/14 euros!!!

  6. Oh, dear God! Sweden is not the cheapest country in the world but even here IsaDora cost "only" half your price!

  7. Very cheap brands in Italy that are B3F and cruelty free are only Catrice and Essence and [b]basic (the Schlecker drugstore's official brand), then there are some medium price brands safe like Kiko and Mavala, the others are:
    - with the holding of L'oreal or Procter and Gamble (no cruelty free) and I feel guilty with my cat any single time someone gift to me something from those brands (I think I'll do a giveaway with my 2 Diors in the future :/)
    - no b3f
    - safe but very expensive like isadora ç__ç
    So I buy online the most of times, but from US, for example, we risk to pay a lot of custom: I guess it's easier importing a gun than a polish in Italy from US... I live in a country so absurd... Is there a bit of space in Sweden? I hate the hot wet weather in my place! XD

  8. Well, Sweden has also huge customs for all import from the US, polishes is no exception. I also buy lots from the US and usually keep in mind that I will have to pay about 30% of the parcels total cost when I get it on the post office. But even with customs added it is much cheaper to buy in the US than here in Sweden.